Friday 22nd June 2018
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Sa layuning tulungan ang game fowl industry, ang aktres/politician na si Ms. Andrea del Rosario ay maglulunsad ng proyektong “Usapang Manok” sa March 17, 3 PM sa Calatagan covered court/palengke area.

Kabilang sa pagtutuunan ng pansin dito ang breeding, bloodline, rearing, ranging, vaccination program, conditioning, selection of breeding stocks & fighting cocks, egg production, at gaffing.

Ayon kay Andrea na siya ring Vice Mayor ng Calatagan, Batangas, ang industriyang ito ay isang sleeping giant na dapat pagtuunan ng pansin.

Esplika niya, “Reasons for me doing the usapang manok: I was introduced to the world of game fowl by my bf Anthony Garcia who’s a professional polo player, who loves horses and at the same time chickens. I have done hostings for the world game fowl expo couple of years ago and I never realized the industry is as big as it is until I met Anthony in my town Calatagan, where I’m a vice mayor.

“I like the equality of people in the cockpit and the honor system in which money is exchanged and based on true word of honor. Rich or poor there is a conduct of respect I see from Sabong aficionados which is what we need more in our country.

“I am also amazed at the different breeds and when one true breeder explains such as Anthony the types of blood lines and styles each individual rooster has, it is fascinating in many ways. I myself have joined the breeding aspect of roosters as something new for me to venture in. Not to mention the industry is a sleeping giant on its own,” saad niya.

Dagdag pa ni VM Andrea, “We have to accept the fact that this is a Filipino culture that I think wont die anytime soon. This is when I learned that the game fowl industry is not only ‘sabong’. There are so many parts. Some people lose money in this industry, but some become millionaires if they do things right. I was able to hear success stories from people, who started by Just breeding in their own backyard. And by doing this seminar, im hoping to help people from Calatagan improve the quality of roosters they already have and be succesful breeders in the future.

“We all know that being a Vice Mayor, I am part of legislation. We make laws, but with what ever budget I have in the offfice, and with the help of my network of friends , I make projects like this for my town. Thats one of them, I also have one for the youth sector and another one is hopefully, a livelyhood project.

“Of course, I am trying to balance this with being active in polo as well, being one oF the voices of women in Sports, particularly in polo. We are trying to raise awareness, for the SEA games to be held here in our country and crossing my fingers that part of the polo event be held in Calatagan.”

May time pa po ba kayong mag-showbiz?

Tugon ni VM Andrea, “I do naman. Its Just that sometimes, wrong timing. I turned down a soap opera and a movie recently. I Just had to prioritize something else. I believe in timing, crossing my fingers that timing will be right next time.

“By the way, I have asked Ara Mina to teach indigenous women to make pastries… We have yet to schedule it. Right now, I dont have, like What I said, had to turn down projects because of conflict in schedules.”

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