Saturday 26th May 2018
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Patuloy pa rin ang pag-viral online ng mga “stolen” photos and video files ng controversial photographer na si Vic Fabe.

Pinagpipistahan pa rin ng mga beks ang mga hubad na mga litrato ng mga modelo na kinunan niya. Ang video kung saan ay nagsi-sing o sinu-suck niya ang ilang modelo ay laman pa rin ng mga chat groups.

Ayon sa FB account ni na pinost niya last Sunday, “I have no sleep pa rin until now due to immense stress and an early morning visitor came to comfort me.”

Last Saturday, February 10, nag-meet kami ni Vic and talked about the scandal. Below was his confession.

“I’m sure you know already. Well, my Google drive was hacked last September 2017 and several personal videos of my own with my lovers and several commissioned work of clients that was supposed for private use only was stolen.

“These personal private videos are 3 to 6 year old videos that I just placed at Google drive for storage and safekeeping. As you know, I never post anymore sexy shots on my FB for years already because some gay men use it for other purposes.

“These private personal videos are those videos you are seeing. They are only 4 of them and the rest are all work related sexy videos that are supposed to be private for the clients.

“Now they sell it at twitter at 500 pesos each at my expense. These alter world in twitter that I just knew recently are gays pretending to be beautiful ladies but they secretly record innocent men while they do their thing and these alter accounts spread it online.

“These alters hacked into my account because they know I work a lot with beautiful men. If you received a picture with my bf at that time. Can you please report the account?

“I am also thankful that a lot of model clients are concerned of me. Of course di me magpapatalo no. They are enjoying and mocking me of my personal sex videos. Those are my own stuff and not for public consumption.

“Ang mga galit na galit hindi naman mga clients ko and mga models na I have never worked with. I don’t do ex-deal shoots. All my shoot are either you pay me or I pay you for a commissioned work. And my rate is 2,500 for the shoots.

“The PEP article that came out is very libelous. They make up stories. And they quote on a writer who is a well know pimp of models in the bikini world.

“I’m so sorry if you have been offended by the nasty pictures and videos posted by a poser FB account. Can you please report the account?

“Thanks to my talent agents client who called and showed some comforting words. To all the models who cared. I never talk to you guys a lot but when Im down right now, you really showed that you are my true friend.

“Sorry na ang landi ko kasi. I learned my lesson,” pagwawakas niya.

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