Monday 25th June 2018
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Si Daiana Menezes ulit ang cover girl para sa October issue ng mens magazine na FHM. Inusisa siya ng Newsko kung ano ang feeling na cover ulit siya ng FHM?

“It’s my cover again after six years! Hahaha!” panimula ng Brazilian model/actress/TV host.

Patuloy pa niya, “It feels good to be back sa FHM, noon, 24 lang ako… now, I’m 30! Yay! Thirty never felt so good. Thanks for the trust FHM and its audience.

“I have been thru quite a journey and my life has been an open book, when you are honest and you open up, you get judged, heal, learn. I’d like to empower all women that no matter the hardships in life, no matter what happens to you, as long as you work hard and love yourself and harm no one, you’ll always be in a better place and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to inspire others.

“That’s my goal. I wanna share the positivity.”

Naibalita rin niya ang pinagkaka-abalahang pelikula.

Aniya, “Currently, I’m shooting two movies, Way of the Cross and Pepeng Kulot.
It’s a story about a man torn between his desire and love. My role (Shane) plays the temptation who’s driven by ambition. Kabilang sa main cast sina Renz Fernandez, Mara Lopez, John james Uy, Andrew Wolf, Alvin Anson, directed by Earl Bontuyan.”

Dagdag pa ni Daiana, “Also, I host a TV show three times a week on Pinoy Extreme Channel. I host the TV show Super Sabong, announcing to the viewers the biggest cockfighting scores and results. Since the audience for that is huge, from the biggest breeders to the masa to the OFWs. It’s awesome!”

Nabanggit din niya ang pagiging ambassador ng grupo ukol sa HIV awareness.

“I’m the Philippines’ ambassador for the Red Whistle, an advocacy dedicated to the HIV awareness. We go around the country meeting groups, schools and testing them, educating people specially the youth about our advocacy, how to prevent HIV, stop the stigma, the discrimination and how to treat and live with the virus if tested positive.

“We also test people for free, and us (ambassadors) we get tested on the spot as well in every event and activities, so people won’t fear to do so. All of that we do, in order to lower the rising cases of HIV in the country which by now is very-very high.”


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